Water Damage is a problem many homeowners may encounter at one point or another, a flood in the bathroom, a faulty air conditioning unit, leaky pipes, and more. These problems can cause structural damage to your home if left untreated; but more importantly these problems are the leading causes of mold. It may grow in places you rarely check, and can spread behind furniture and other large and lesser moved items in your home. It can grow in your HVAC unit and also in your AC vents, it can spread throughout your home very quickly and be detrimental to the health of your family and also the structure of your home. Here at Wet Out Restoration, we have devised a few tips to be able to spot or prevent mold in your home:

Does your home smell like mold or mildew?

Mold is not always visible, but almost always emits a stale and unpleasant odor. If your home has a constant odor. If you have tried other techniques to eliminate the smell, and have not had any success, the issue may still be present.


Has your home endured any water damage?

Fungi’s ideal breeding ground is a place where moisture is present or water collects in your home. Leaky pipes will lead to mold in the cupboards, wet carpets or water damaged floors may produce mold in a place you cannot see.


If your home has ever had an overflowing toilet, pooling water or floods, there is a good chance the odor emitted from your home is from water damage. When looking for damage, check for discoloration and warped or bulging walls. This is a tell tale sign of untreated water damage.

3 signs of mold in your home

Are you and your family members constantly ill?

Another telltale sign of mold is your personal health. If you are constantly experiencing symptoms such as a runny nose, watery eyes, or dizziness, and you find that your symptoms intensify in your home; mold may be the culprit. Some species of mold are more toxic than others and may perpetuate more serious underlying conditions. Black mold is a very dangerous type of fungi which causes serious respiratory conditions. 

Here at Wet Out Restoration our goal is to make sure that your home is safe and inhabitable for your family. We are the water damage experts.

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