Firework Safety: Your Guide to a Safe New Year’s Eve Display.

New Year’s Eve marks a time of new beginnings, and for many this is often a reason to celebrate. We tend to leave our bad habits in the past year and set goals for the break of the new one. Fireworks are a New Year’s Eve staple, but they are also a high contributor to house fires. Here at Wet Out Restoration, we want your home and household to be protected, safe and happy. Wet Out Restoration specializes in fire restoration. We have seen first-hand the damage and detriment that fires cause on a home. Here are a few tips to have a safe firework display:


Consider Your Surroundings.

When lighting fireworks, be sure to choose a flat area that is a safe distance from inhabited or flammable areas such as wooded areas or buildings to ensure the safety of everyone around you. Your display may be disturbing to pets, veterans, and small children so it is best and safest to light fireworks in an area far away from residential inhabitants.


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Be Mindful of the Weather

Consider postponing your firework display if it is a windy day. Wind can carry sparks and embers up to a mile away from the origin site. It may also knock over a firework and change the direction it is traveling in. This is extremely dangerous if the explosive is projectile. Additionally, wind provides more oxygen to existing fires and intensify them. For the safety of yourself and those around you, on a windy day it is best to consider alternative celebrations, such as glow sticks and confetti poppers, both options are non-flammable and child friendly alternatives to fireworks.

Plan for Accidents

Accidents can happen to even those who are extremely careful. When lighting a firework display it is imperative to be proactive. Having a game plan for what happens in case of an emergency is key when explosives are involved. You should be prepared for both accidental fires and injuries when lighting your firework display. Keep a hose or fire extinguisher close by during your firework display and be sure to thoroughly soak the remains from lit fireworks with water before disposing of them to avoid trash fires. The simplest way to avoid accidents is to be safe, only light one firework at a time and NEVER use illegal fireworks.


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